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Counterfeit Diamonds
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There is no doubt that diamonds themselves are some of the rarest gemstones found on the planet. However, even they are popular among people at different levels and are available at different rates due to differences in their quality. We are here to discuss some of the rarest diamonds found on the earth.

Some of the rare diamonds that you can choose for your engagement rings are sgared below.

Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are one of the rarest colored diamonds found on earth.  Even muted red diamonds are very rare; only 30 have ever been discovered. These diamonds now come in a variety of colors, from orangish to practically brown. Fancy Reds are usually discovered in Australia, in the Argyle Diamond Mine, which is well-known for colored diamonds. The most popular examples of this color are the Moussaieff Red and the Hancock Red, which are the rarest instances of the finest clarity and color in this category.

Blue Diamonds

Like red diamonds, blue-colored diamonds are also very hard to find. For centuries, blue diamonds were only used by royalty. However, everyone has access to blue diamonds these days and they are available in different hues; ranging from dark blue to greyish blue. According to experts, blue diamonds can cost millions in the market because of their rarity and color.

Orange Diamonds

Orange diamonds are very rare, especially those that are devoid of yellowish tint and are dark. This is because achieving the ideal proportion of yellow, red, and secondary colors in this type of diamond is difficult. A diamond has to be of Ib type for it to be called either orange or orangy.

Green Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

According to diamond experts, the color green can give a diamond an incredibly distinctive appearance. The rarest diamonds have a deep green tinge in nature, but artificial modifications have recently been utilized to accentuate it. In most cases, the green color shows just on the diamond’s surface, with no uniform dispersion within the stone.

Pink Diamonds

The most valuable stones of this color are frequently auctioned and are popular among celebrities. Many jewelry retailers began supplying faint pinks to the general public in order to meet the demand for this sort of colored diamond. Pink lab-grown diamonds are also becoming very popular among people who are looking for rare diamonds for their engagement rings.

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