Emerald Vs Radiant Cut Diamonds: What’s The Difference?

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IGI Certified Artificial Diamonds
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Lab Grown Diamonds

Emerald-cut and radiant-cut diamonds can be mistaken for each other in diamond rings because of their similar silhouette. Both these diamond cuts have a rectangular shape that can be used to create a bold look for your engagement ring. Even though they have some similarities in their appearance, there is a wide range of other factors that set them apart. If you are wondering how to choose between an emerald-cut and radiant-cut diamond, then read along to know more about these stones so that you can make the decision easily.

Emerald-Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut is one of the oldest cuts in gemstones which dates back to the 1500s. Therefore, it can be a wonderful choice for people who want a classic and timeless look for their engagement rings.

The emerald-cut diamonds became popular today as a reminiscent of the well-known Art Deco period. This period is known for its love of clean lines and symmetry, which is one of the important characteristics of emerald-cut diamonds.

Emerald-cut diamonds feature step-cut with parallel facets. The stepped facets of this stone draw attention to its center. Emerald-cut diamonds are commonly seen in rectangular shapes, however, they can also come in a square shape. Their shape can vary from rectangular to square based on the length-to-width ratio.

Even though emerald-cut diamonds have 58 facets, they are not very brilliant. These diamonds also have a shallow cut than many other diamond shapes including round and princess. Therefore, it might not be a great choice for people who want a shiny engagement ring.

Another problem associated with emerald-cut diamonds is that they can easily show the color and imperfections in the stone. Therefore, it is important to go for an emerald diamond with high quality to enhance the brilliance.

Additionally, emerald diamonds are very rare and can be difficult to find. This makes them a bit pricy when compared to some other fancy-shaped diamonds. But emerald lab grown diamonds are available at more affordable rates.

Radiant-Cut Diamonds

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

A radiant diamond is the shinier version of an emerald-cut diamond. This particular cut combines the aspects of both round and emerald cuts to create a more sparkly diamond. It features almost 70 facets that are cut smaller to enhance the sparkle.

The great brilliance of a radiant diamond can hide the inclusions and color well thereby allowing you to compromise on these quality parameters.

Both emerald-cut and radiant-cut diamonds have a lot of features in common. But they vary in terms of how the facets are arranged. Therefore, make sure to compare emerald and radiant diamonds side by side to find out which one pleases you more.

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