What To Know About Bezel Set Engagement Rings

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The bezel setting can be a wonderful option for people who prefer a modern look to their engagement rings. However, this ring setting is less popular in comparison with the prong setting, which is the most commonly used setting in engagement rings and other pieces of diamond jewelry. But this setting can offer a sleek look to your ring and it creates an appealing option for brides who prefer a minimalistic look and subtle glow for your ring.

There is a wide range of reasons for you to get a bezel ring instead of a prong-set ring. Some of the impressive things to know about bezel ring setting are listed below:

What Is A Bezel Setting?

The bezel setting features a ring made of metal that is used to hold the stone in place. This metal ring encircles the stone through its entire circumference thereby offering greater protection. This metal encasing might slightly overlap the edges of your diamond.

Even though the bezel setting is known for its modern look, it has a great history that dates back centuries. Hence, this particular ring setting can be spotted in different vintage ring designs. However, a wide variety of modern manifestations of bezel settings are also available.

Hence, whether you love old vintage ring designs or prefer modern settings, the bezel setting can be suitable for you.

Pros Of Bezel Setting

The bezel setting is known for the better protection it offers diamonds and other gemstones. If you are worried about the safety of your stone, then this setting is the best option to consider. As it encircles the stone with a metal ring, a greater force won’t be applied to the diamond even if the ring is hit or knocked somewhere. This property of the bezel setting makes it suitable for people who engage in strenuous activities with their hands.

Additionally, the metal covering the stone can offer it a bigger appearance. Hence, you can get the illusion of a bigger center diamond without spending a huge amount. You can choose lab grown diamonds to make your bezel rings more affordable.

Cons Of Bezel Setting

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

As the bezel setting covers the side and edges of the stone, it can reduce the amount of light entering your diamond thereby reducing the brilliance.

Additionally, the bezel setting might be more costly than the prong setting, as it is more labor-intensive and requires more metal.

So make sure to consider the pros and cons when getting a bezel ring for your engagement. This helps you to determine whether it can be a suitable option for you.

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