What To Contemplate When Picking Emerald Jewelry

Earring Options
Earring Options
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

You may know that diamonds, including lab grown diamonds, get certificates guaranteeing their quality. Likewise, colored gems get colored stone reports, listing details of the gem and guaranteeing that it is of high quality. Be sure that the piece of emerald jewelry that you are purchasing comes with an IGI or GIA laboratory report. Those are some of the factors to think about when shopping for emerald engagement rings or other emerald jewelry pieces.

The Top Things To Bear In Mind Before Purchasing Emerald

Here is a comprehensive guide for you to choose the best possible emerald stone for a ring or another jewelry piece.

The Green Shade

Any reputable jeweler should know that the emerald hue is still the most significant factor influencing the value of this gemstone. The color of the gem is evaluated on the basis of the hue, saturation and tone. The term hue here alludes to the color of emerald. There will be a bright green hue in the most stunning emerald stone with no overtones. If it has an overtone, check whether it is blue or yellow and go for the blue one when possible.

Choose Between Colombian Emerald And Zambian Emerald

Many emerald sources are available in the world, but Colombia has long been regarded as the main one. Zambia is the largest emerald producer after Colombia. The emerald stones from the two locations have comparable properties.

When you find it difficult to choose between both, you should know some things. Zambian emerald stones have blue overtones that make their color deeper, whereas Colombian emerald gems are greener. The latter emerald is more challenging to cut and is of high quality, whereas the former is cheaper due to few inclusions. Nevertheless, emerald stones from Zambia have relatively better clarity.

Confirm That Emerald Has Fewer Noticeable Inclusions

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

An emerald stone will mostly have many inclusions, including small cracks, mineral fibers and other crystal particle types. Almost all the inclusions stem from the location where the emerald was formed.

You cannot find emerald stones without any inclusions. Therefore, you should seek an emerald gem with the fewest and hard-to-spot inclusions. The fewer the inclusions in an emerald stone are, the higher will be its clarity. You should discover emeralds with fewer inclusions because it makes the stone not only better-looking but also stronger. An emerald stone with many inclusions is brittle, so it is prone to crack easily.

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