Is Buying Lab Grown Diamond A Good Investment?

Artificial Diamonds
Artificial Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

The popularity of lab-made diamonds has exploded in recent years. Since diamonds are such a precious material, they have long been utilized as a means of exchange. It’s amazing how a seemingly insignificant thing can be so precious. The truth is that a million-dollar diamond may be kept in a safe that is the size of a diamond. All that remains is to ensure it does not vanish.

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming extremely popular among millennials today. They are now choosing diamonds created in a lab instead of mined diamonds for their engagement rings because they are cheap, eco-friendly, and conflict-free.

Here are some of the main reasons why lab-grown diamonds are a good investment.

They Are Portable

Diamonds, unlike other gemstones, are both easy to move and incredibly valuable. This is the primary reason why one would prefer to save money by investing in diamonds. You may enjoy it while you still have it. Apart from the aesthetic value of a high-quality diamond, a lab-created diamond might be financially advantageous.

Higher Demand For Jewelry Industry In The Coming Years

According to projections, lab-made diamonds are now worth approximately around $150 million every year. As per the industry growth statistics, diamonds created in labs will be valued at more than $1 billion within a few years. The jewelry sector, not the diamond investment sector, will witness a boom in demand for lab-grown diamonds in the years ahead.

Resale Value

When you invest in diamonds, their resale value and liquidity should be considered. The resale market for man-made diamonds is not very strong currently, and buying one would be pointless. If a jeweler wishes to sell his lab-created diamond, additional stones will almost definitely have been made at a cheaper price by that time. Because of that, when a newer lab diamond is offered at a smaller cost, nobody would choose to buy a resale diamond.

Final Thoughts

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

When you think about diamond investment, however, there are a few hazards to consider. Diamonds, unlike other commodities such as silver and gold, do not have a price index that allows you to check and follow stock exchanges. Although the Rapaport pricing is used by the majority of diamond dealers. This isn’t enough on its own.

The lab-grown diamond industry is relatively new and currently millennials are the only ones who promote them since they are conflict-free and eco-friendly.

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