A Buyers Guide For Cremation Diamonds

IGI Certified Artificial Diamonds
IGI Certified Artificial Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

Since 2015, cremations were the most preferred method of disposition, and with that growth in popularity came a growth in the number of cremation jewelry possibilities. Cremation diamonds are a lovely and everlasting way to remember and honor a beloved one. Cremation diamonds are gems created by infusing cremation ashes into the gem-making process. Because both diamonds and normal cremation jewelry just need a little amount of ash, you could do both.

Making Of Cremation Diamonds

The following are the basic procedures to creating a cremation diamond: Choose your diamond’s shape, cut, and carat weight. Buy the lab-grown diamond from the vendor of your choice. Send the appropriate amount of ashes to the supplier in accordance with their specifications. After receiving the ashes, the supplier will heat them till they transform into graphite.

In a diamond press, the graphite will be put with a diamond seed. The diamond press’s temperature and pressure are raised and maintained till the graphite crystallizes. After that, the crystal is taken and sliced according to your design criteria.

You May Have To Wait For Some Time

A cremation diamond purchase differs from other online jewelry purchases in that it necessitates a more involved procedure. While the time it takes for a cremation diamond to be prepared varies depending on the company, you should plan to wait about 6 months. When buying a product, keep this timeframe in mind.

Cost Of Cremation Diamonds

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

If you are planning to make a cremation diamond ring, you are about to spend a lot of money. The cost of cremation diamonds differs significantly depending on the brand, shape of the diamond, and carat size you prefer, but you should budget at least $1,200 for one. Cremation diamonds are available in a range of colors, with yellow diamonds being the most affordable and colorless diamonds being the costly ones.

Cremation diamonds can cost up to $7,000 and are generally colorless or white, with higher carat weight. If you want to buy cremation diamonds but aren’t able to afford the premium level, go for yellow diamonds with smaller carat weights. Create a memorial fundraiser to help cover expenditures if you’re set on a particular style and carat weight.

Final Thoughts

If a cremation diamond is out of your price range, other types of cremation jewelry should be considered. Although many forms of jewelry cannot be infused with ashes, they can be utilized as ashes vessels or containers. You’ll be capable of keeping your loved one closer while wearing something enticing to you.

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