Comparison Between Princess Cut And Round Cut Diamonds

Artificial Diamonds
Artificial Diamonds
Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

When buying your diamond engagement ring, keep in mind that it is something that your significant other has to wear for her entire lifetime. So it is ok to take your time and do your research to find the perfect engagement ring for your bride.

Round brilliant cut diamonds and princess cuts are two of the most popular diamond cuts and both have unique properties. In this article, we are comparing each and every aspect of both these cuts. Read below to find out more.


The most popular cut of all diamond cuts available is the round brilliant cut and more than half of the diamonds sold worldwide are round cut diamonds. The symmetric design of a round cut diamond is highly efficient in reflecting light hence it produces magnificent brilliance and sparkle.

The princess cut has its origin around 1961. A diamond cutter in London created a cut called profile cut which was later known as princess cut. This is a unique shaped cut and provides good sparkle and fire. Princess cut diamonds usually have 58 facets similar to a round cut diamond.


Round brilliant cut diamonds handle light better and they can reflect light better. This is the reason why a round brilliant cut has superior brilliance when compared to any other diamond cut. This doesn’t mean that the princess cut diamond hasn’t got any sparkle. They also offer you decent sparkle and fire. If sparkle is your only priority, you can select the round brilliant cut diamonds.


Lab-Grown Diamond
Lab-Grown Diamond

The round cut design is efficient in camouflaging minor imperfections in the diamond. This means that you may get eye-clean round cut diamonds even though the clarity grade is slightly lower. Princess cut diamonds tend to have more imperfections than round cut diamonds and most importantly these imperfections can be easily spotted. Imperfections are mostly seen at the four corners of the princess-cut diamonds. A princess-cut diamond with imperfections close to the corners makes it easier to get chipped.

Final Thought

Round-cut diamonds are more expensive than princess-cut diamonds. Both diamond cuts are unique in their own ways. If you prefer sparkle and are not bothered about the price, you can go for round-cut diamonds. If you want a good quality round cut diamond without spending much, you can go for lab-grown diamonds.

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