Things To Consider When Getting Princess Cut Diamonds

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Princess-cut diamonds are the second most popular option in engagement rings after the round brilliants. These diamonds can be a stunning option for modern brides because of the contemporary look they offer. Princess diamonds have a square shape with well-defined and sharp corners. This makes them a unique choice when compared to other square-shaped diamonds that usually come with rounded or cut corners.

If you are planning to get princess-cut diamonds for your engagement ring, some of the important things you have to know are mentioned below:

What Is A Princess Diamond?

A princess-cut diamond comes with a brilliant cut just like round diamonds. Hence, these stones have the capability to exhibit great brilliance and sparkle. So if you want a contemporary look for your ring along with an enhanced shine, then princess diamonds can be suitable for you.

Princess-cut diamonds have an inverted pyramid shape that allows this shape to retain the maximum amount of the rough stone. Hence, princess diamonds are slightly less costly than round diamonds. Princess lab grown diamonds can be highly affordable when compared to their natural counterparts.

A princess-cut diamond features about 50-58 facets which allow it to showcase spectacular brilliance. Even though there are many other square-shaped diamonds, they are not as brilliant as princess diamonds.

How To Choose The Best Princess-Cut Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Like round diamonds, princess diamonds will also be graded using different quality parameters like clarity and color. As this diamond shape can showcase good brilliance, it is easy for them to mask imperfections. But when getting princess diamonds with inclusions, you have to make sure that the inclusions are not present in the corners. The sharp corners of princess diamonds make them already vulnerable to chipping. In addition to this, if inclusions are present in these corners, can be more prone to chipping and damage.

Also, the great sparkle of princess-cut diamonds allows them to mask the color to a large extent. So you don’t have to choose a costly D color princess diamond for it to look beautiful, instead, princess stones with H or I grades can look stunning and clear because of the excellent brilliance of these stones.

Problems With Princess-Cut Diamonds

Even though the sharp corners of princess diamonds can offer them a distinct and mesmerizing appeal, these corners can increase the risk of chipping your stones. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing a setting for your princess diamonds.

Go for v-prong settings that can securely hold the four corners of your stone to prevent them from chipping. You can also go for a bezel or channel setting to give better protection to your princess stones.

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